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This Week in Video Marketing News

April 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Some MAJOR news in the video marketing world this week. See below!

25 Jaw Dropping YouTube Facts, Figures, and Statistics

Jeremy Scott over at put together a great wrap up of the new publicly available webpage from YouTube that shares statistics across the site and some of the information is impressive! The biggest bottom line this represents is the behavioral change of the average human being who uses the internet – video is taking more and more time in their day. Two other points also stood out to me, 1) it seems clear to me that YouTube is becoming more and more of an entertainment channel for consumers and 2) YouTube is getting to be SO BIG that standing out among 2 billion views per day is becoming more and more of a challenge (and I’m still not sure what percentage of the viral videos are from corporations, though my guess is that a very small minority of videos that go “viral” are from businesses). Click here to read the article.

Cisco to Shut Down Flip Video

Cisco Systems, the owner of the FlipVideo brand (purchased from PureDigital for $590 million in March of 2009), decided to shut this business unit down. Interestingly, FlipVideo was the market leader and Cisco chose not to sell it to another company, but instead layoff more than 500 employees to rid themselves of their consumer oriented business units. Regardless, this is a MAJOR event in the world of video marketing as FlipVideo cameras owned roughly 1/3 of the camcorder market. The Flip is the number one source of videos uploaded into Vipe. What’s next? Nobody is really sure how the dust will settle. The good news is that FlipVideo inventory should last a little while longer (get yours now!). Vipe is researching the best alternatives as we speak. Click here to read the TechCrunch article.

Why CMOs & Marketing Executives Must Embrace Social Video Marketing

Grant Crowell over at writes a very interesting article discussing the challenges CMOs face in using social video marketing in their personal lives. It seems very intriguing that those who are putting together significant budgets and plans for their organizations to utilize social media and video marketing are putting together the plans without much personal experience. It’s a wonder why all of this is so confusing to some people! How can one expect to understand how social media and video marketing will work for their business if they don’t know how it works from the “consumer” point of view? Per a recent poll on Vipe’s Facebook Page, it is clear that “Video Marketing is More Than Just Video.” Maybe it’s not just the video but the script, the strategy, the distribution, the tracking, and everything else that “marketing” typically encapsulates… Click here to read the full article.

A very interesting week indeed! Cheers!

This Week in Video Marketing News

April 5, 2011 2 comments

Keeping this week’s video marketing update light and fun, below is a link to an entertaining video about how to record your own videos for the web. This animation provides a fun way to learn while being entertained, while also being incredibly important as the quality of your videos can dramatically affect the effectiveness of your video. Enjoy!

How to Shoot a Video for the Web

Click the image or the following link to view the video:


3 Must Have Videos for Every Salesperson

April 5, 2011 1 comment

55% of communication is body language and every salesperson in the world believes they have the best chance of closing someone if they can just be in-person. That’s not always possible, however, with the increasingly popular use of video for marketing and sales communications, video is proving to be the next best option.

While every business is unique and this list can be much longer, there are 3 must have videos that every sales person should keep as arrows in their quiver to stand out in a deal, save a deal, or get a first meeting for a deal. Now, recording videos might not be the most natural thing in the world for you, but if you can create 3 videos that you can use time and time again (these days you can even use your iPhone or laptop as a teleprompter), you can dramatically increase your ability to close more deals. The list is as follows:

Adam Peterson Headshot with Video Player

My Meet Me Video

1. Personal introduction video that lives in your signature. Affectionately referred to as a “meet me” video, this short 15-30 second video helps you put a face with your name in your follow up email after a first call and is more powerful than one might think. Just two weeks ago someone shared with us that their “meet me” is what got the prospect to call them back over the competition resulting in a deal with a $40,000 commission. Not bad! With a simple “Meet Me Video” link in your signature, that you instruct your recipients to click on at appropriate times can help you easily build rapport with people you have not met in person.

2. Recovering a cold lead video. We all have leads that go cold on us – no longer returning voice mails or emails. Having a video on file you can send to a cold prospect to ask if everything is OK and if tomorrow or the next day is best to call them, is a powerful last resort. We worked with an individual in the commercial real estate industry who sent such a video to 4 cold leads – leads he hadn’t heard back from in weeks – and within 2 days he got two call backs, one of which turned into a deal!

3. Scheduling an appointment video. More than 50% of salespeople end up generating their own leads, and we all have a laundry list of ways to do so. We create our own mini-marketing campaigns, we cold call, we cold email, and we often get creative – visiting a prospect in person or shipping them a gift that catches their attention. Sending a video to introduce yourself “in-person” and providing an elevator pitch about the value you can bring your prospect is another arrow to use, and in many ways puts your email on steroids (sending links to videos allows you to track if people view them). One customer shared with us she was able to “crack” into a new market after several months of attempting by sending out a video requesting an appointment, which ended up leading to the biggest deal of her career.

With these 3 videos on file and accessible for you to use time and time again, your arsenal for sales ammo will gain significant “umph.” Two last points to make are that the script to these videos are incredibly important – if you are not comfortable in front of a video camera, make sure your script does NOT include the name or company of your prospect so that you can re-use the video time and time again.

Second, emailing video files is not terribly easy (they are often too large of attachments to send) so you need to upload the video to a hosting service and email a link to the video. While YouTube is free, it is incredibly distracting and blocked by a lot of businesses so make sure you use a private hosting platform free of ads and unwanted related videos.

For Vipe customers, log into our Support Portal for sample scripts and help creating your landing page.

This Week in Video Marketing News

March 28, 2011 Leave a comment

A fairly light week in relevant video marketing news but there are definitely a few interesting articles for those providing services to other businesses.

How Microsoft Uses Video to Increase Employee Productivity

A few years back Microsoft built their own internal YouTube, accessible only by internal employees. Two gems found within the article are 1) the Podcast-In-A-Box kit inclusive of a FlipVideo, Zoom H2, and Camtasia for employees to record semi-professional quality video and 2) the discussion of how email and websites were once in question as a necessity and how video is on the same usage trajectory. Click here to read the entire article.


The Pros and Cons of YouTube Video for Your Website

Grant Crowell over at lays out a great list of the pros and cons of relying solely on YouTube as the video platform for your business. You’ll have to read the article to access this list (this isn’t one I can summarize). Click here to read the entire article.


Top 5 YouTube Marketing Mistakes Committed by Small Businesses

Resonating with the belief that you get what you pay for, Amy-Mae Elliott discuss 5 points to think through thoroughly as you begin to create video assets and consider what the value to that asset will be for your business. Strategy is key to successfully using video for marketing and sales. Click here to read the entire article.

Use Your iPhone as a Teleprompter

March 21, 2011 1 comment

More and more people are recording videos of themselves for marketing and sales, however, in almost all cases, multiple takes are required and it can be a pain to record a professional looking video yourself.  One idea to dramatically ease that process is to use a teleprompter!

For those who don’t want to invest a couple thousand dollars in a teleprompter fit for a president, there are now several videos on YouTube about building a home made one. However, if you are like most salespeople I know, you are probably too lazy to gather all the materials to build your own. Enter the iPhone to the rescue.

If you have an iPhone and use a FlipVideo camera and tripod to record your videos, you can setup a teleprompter in 3 steps:

iPhone Teleprompter

iPhone Teleprompter

  1. Search “teleprompter” in the App Store on your iPhone and download either the free O’Reilly Media’s Great Teleprompter app for a basic teleprompter or the free dvPrompter app for a more advanced one.
  2. Email your script to yourself and copy and paste it into your app.
  3. Turn your iPhone on its side and set it on your tripod right in front of your FlipVideo (if you tilt the camera down, simply tape the iPhone to the Flip to secure it).

You can zoom in or out on the text to change the speed of the teleprompter. The best part is that if you frame yourself correctly so that your shoulders and head are in the video, you will be far enough away from the camera that you can’t even see your eyes moving!

If you don’t have an iPhone or use the web cam on your computer, there are other options available as well like for turning your computer into a teleprompter.

Try it out!

Vipe customers, check out our new Grading Your Video forum in our Support Portal to learn how best to frame, setup, script, and incorporate your video into your greater marketing and selling strategy.

This Week in Video Marketing News

March 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Continuing our weekly aggregation of relevant news in the video marketing world, check out some of the articles below!

What’s the Future of Email?

The behavior of the up and coming generation as it relates to the consumption of online information is DRASTICALLY different than those over the age of 25. In an effort to let you know what to plan for as you consider your marketing vision, OpenForum discusses the results of the 2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review report from comScore. The punch line? Social media is affecting the use of email to the tune of an 8% overall decline in email usage in 2010. The kicker? When breaking out the changes by age, the use of Web email by teenagers dropped 59%! Click here to read the entire article.


Why a Professional Website Video Experience in Crucial for Business Marketing

An interesting article put out by ReelSEO that discusses the entire life cycle of incorporating video into your website – production and display. For B2B businesses, we know that YouTube is blocked by 11.9% of businesses and has other flaws as well. Considering all the variables, a private hosting company that can meet the professional needs of your business for displaying video is as important as the quality of the video itself. Click here to read the entire article.


4 Ways Video Makes Email Marketing More Profitable runs through a list of ideas and logic for how to effectively incorporate video into email marketing. Travis Campbell brings up some good points and also puts into perspective the use of email marketing into your greater marketing strategy and goals for conversion. Click here to read the entire article.

Vipe CEO Adam Peterson to Speak on Marketing, Video, and Social Media to the California Staffing Professionals

March 8, 2011 2 comments

Vipe CEO Adam Peterson will be presenting on Marketing, Video, and Social Media to the Silicon Valley Chapter of the California Staffing Professionals next Wednesday, March 16th in Mountain View.

Adam Peterson To Speak to the CSPFor more information and to register for the event, click here.

Unlike any other presentation I’ve given before on this topic, I will be questioning if a social media component of a marketing plan for small businesses makes sense. For small businesses, it is enough of a challenge to balance day-to-day sales with the longer-term marketing. Recognizing the commonality among all businesses is a limitation of resources – time and financing – how should a small business prioritize the available channels of marketing?

Should be a great event!

This Week in Video Marketing News

March 1, 2011 Leave a comment

There were more gems this past week about video marketing relevant to B2B that we believe will be valuable to you. Read on!

Enterprise Business Video Adoption Trends and Hurdles

ReelSEO reports on the pros and challenges of enterprises beginning to use video. Two of the most interesting points made are that “one-third of all corporations say they’re using video at least once a week” and “video needs to be managed as a data type.” The latter is especially important for B2B companies that have a different sell process than the high volume ecommerce traditionally found among web B2C companies. Video as a data type means is needs to be managed, tracked, and planned out with a strategy. Click here to read the entire article.


Developing Web Video for Profit writes about the trend of video consumption aligning with purchasing / premium content. It’s not a secret that the real way to gain value from all the “free” services of email, social media, and video is to have a financial budget that pays for private providers who can give you significantly better benefits. Don’t miss the last half of the paragraph where the author switches from consumption behavior to ideas for companies. Click here to read the article.


4 Innovative Ways to Use Web Video for Small Business published an article listing out a few ideas for small businesses to use video. Even more interestingly, it makes the point that most of the top viral videos “have a touch of the absurd” including Old Spice, Geico, and Dos Equis. (note, there is no proof that viral = increased product sales according to Professor BJ Fogg of Stanford University)  Click here to read the article.


-Your Video Marketing Team at Vipe

This Week in Video Marketing News

February 22, 2011 3 comments

Welcome to the beginning of a new series: a weekly update of video marketing related news from other industry blogs, marketing companies, and more. We are sharing this information with you to help you stay informed with what’s going on with video from ideas to technology.


How To Optimize Your B2B Marketing and Sales with Video (10 ideas for videos!)

A very informative article from Marketo, a marketing automation company, about using video throughout the buying cycle of a B2B organization. Jon Miller, their VP of Marketing, lays out a great list of 10 ideas for using video throughout your buying cycle. Click here to read the article.


New Flash Version Released

Adobe releases Flash version 10.2 with claims of 34% increase in efficiency and h.264 hardware acceleration. With the exception of when you are using your iPhone or iPad, if you are watching video online you are most likely using Flash. Flash is a wonderful technology for videos and applications, however, it takes a lot of processing power to run. Increases in efficiency reduce the horsepower needed to power flash allowing other applications to run on your computer (and also keeping the core cooler). Here is a link to the article by discussing this release in more detail.


Accustream Announces Professional Video Consumption Up Almost 50% in 2010

While it is debatable how feasible it is to track “professional” video views across the web, it is interesting to note that video is increasingly moving online. Now, more than ever, are people viewing all types of video from an online device. dives into more details here.


Have a great week!


7 Ways to Use Video in Sales (Separate from Marketing)

January 31, 2011 1 comment

In previous posts I discussed 9 types of videos to use in marketing and how long a marketing video should be. Taking a step back, the purpose of using video in customer and prospect communications is to get their attention, build credibility, and elicit a response. Those goals are just as relevant to sales as they are to marketing, so in this post I’ll list out a few ways to utilize video in sales communications.

The first three ideas actually use the exact same video that marketing put together, but re-package them to gain additional value further down the revenue cycle. In our opinion, creating videos takes time and resources and if you are investing in creating video assets, you should gain the most value from them.


Marketing Videos Re-Purposed for Sales

1. Customer testimonials. As marketing builds up customer testimonial videos on your company website, that library of videos can also be used by the sales team, however, the use-case is different. Let’s build the context: If an organization funds a sales team, they likely have a higher price point on their products/services than a pure e-commerce or marketing driven sell. (E.g. People from Orbitz don’t call you to purchase flights but companies like absolutely have sales teams calling directly on prospects and customers). Onto the scenario: A sales person is speaking to a prospect who has voiced the concern that they already use a competitive product to yours. There are several ways the sales person can overcome that objection, and in fact, the sales person knows marketing has recently posted a video testimonial of a customer talking about this exact scenario and how they successfully transitioned from this competitive product to theirs. However, the sales person does not want to point the customer to the 7th testimonial down on their corporate website – it doesn’t seem personal enough and the sales person will have no way to track if the prospect watched the video. BUT if the sales person can access that video asset and re-purpose it by putting the video onto a web page of its own, they can control their prospect’s attention and also track if they actually watched the video, gauging their level of interest.

2 & 3. Company announcements and event announcements. Similar to the scenario above, the exact same ability to access a video library and re-packaged a video to key prospects about company and event announcements can improve the value gained from your video. Imagine a sales person forwarding an announcement video directly to their top 5 prospects rather then simply letting the marketing department advertise the event. The rapport would increase between sales person and prospect in addition to the response rate and attendance.


A Video Library Specifically for the Sales Team

Video In Sales


4. Overcoming objections. Expanding on the customer testimonial use-case, marketing can build a library of videos dedicated to overcoming the most typical objections their sales team receives. These videos most likely will not go on the corporate website, but can greatly enhance sales effectiveness by adding to their “quiver” of PowerPoints and PDF’s an engaging form of communication that is also trackable. To provide a sample scenario, imagine you are selling a software-as-a-service product to a marketing department and your sales team quite often has to discuss how your product will save IT and marketing from having to take each others’ time because your product is hosted online and will not affect your internal network. Sure your sales person will discuss this on the phone, but imagine how effective it will be for them to follow up with the prospect by sending over a video of an engineering or operations person discussing some of the specifics about how your product will successfully work on the prospect’s network. You will completely alleviate the concern of your prospect – and even provide them with something that can be sent to other decision makers within their organization, all the while tracking how many times the video was viewed to gauge their level of interest.

5. Proposal introductions. Organizations that are responding to RFP’s, RFI’s, or inquiries that require a proposal response often find themselves competing closely with their competitors on a deal-by-deal basis. There are several ways videos can (and have) improved the effectiveness of proposals. Whether adding a product demo, a video covering an important issue for the prospect, or even a personal introduction video to humanize the proposal will make your proposal stand out from your competitor’s. It will add personalization and highlight your dedication to their satisfaction, resulting in increased close rates.

Adam Peterson Meet Me

My "Meet Me" Video

6. Personal introductions. Even with the ubiquity of email in sales communications, sales are still based largely on building relationships. Most every sales person on the planet will agree that they are most effective when they are in-person with their prospect. However, due to the logistics and costs of being in-person it is simply not practical all the time (in many cases, most of the time). Sending over a short video introduction, a 15-30 second “meet me,” after a first call can dramatically improve your ability to build rapport with your prospect – whether that prospect is external or internal to your organization.

7. Recovering a cold lead. Sometimes email and phone calls simply don’t get your prospect to respond. More often than one would expect, sending over a short video to get the attention of your “lead gone cold” has elicited a response and led to a deal. Intuitively, it is easier to delete an email or a voice mail than it is to shut the door on someone’s face. A personalized talking head video is simply another arrow in your quiver of getting your prospect’s attention.

The interesting thing about online video is that it completely captures the attention of the viewer. By taking the full visual and audio attention of the viewer, it is pretty much impossible for someone watching a video to multi-task. Taking advantage of video beyond just publishing them to your website will provide you with an even greater level of sales and marketing effectiveness. Best of luck!